American Legend Horse Farm
is working in collaboration with Ridgewood Ranch in preserving the rare bloodline of the legendary racehorse Seabiscuit.

"Thank you for the important work you do maintaining the Biscuit line."

Col. Michael Howard- Great Grandson of Charles Howard

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01/07/05 01:13:29  ET Product 10B - All in Fashion      Page 1 of  1  
                                                     Menow 35
                                 {I,C} Tom Fool 49
                                         b           Gaga 42
                     {C} Buckpasser 63           {C} War Admiral 34
                           b           Busanda 47
                                         blk         Businesslike 39
               Norcliffe 73                          Nearctic 54
                 b               {B,C} Northern Dancer 61
                                         b           Natalma 57
                         Drama School 66             =Stalino (GB) 42
                           ch          *Stalina 49
                                         b           =Boscabell (IRE) 40
        At the Threshold 81                          *St. Germans 21
          ch                           The Rhymer 38
                                         ch          Rhythmic 31
                         Vertex 54                   Case Ace 34
                           ch          Kanace 45
                                         gr          Kanlast 40
               Winver 72                       {I,S} *Princequillo 40
                 ch                {C} Prince John 53
                                         ch          Not Afraid 48
                         Windsor Lady 61             *Orestes III 41
                           ch          June Fete 51
                                         lt ch       Market Day 46
ALL IN FASHION                                 {C,S} *Blenheim II 27
  Chestnut Mare                        =Wyndham (GB) 33
  Foaled May 7, 1988                     ch          =Bossover 21
  in Florida             *Windy City II 49           *The Satrap 24
                           ch          =Staunton (GB) 40
                                         gr          =Crotanstown 24
               Windy Sea 57                          Hard Tack 26
                 ch                    Seabiscuit 33
                                         b           Swing On 26
                         Sea Anemone 41              Whiskalong 21
                           ch          Lucille K. 30
                                         b           Grief 24
        Splendid Fashion 76                      {B} *Heliopolis 36
          ch                       {B} Olympia 46
                                         b           Miss Dolphin 34
                         Lucky Mel 54            {B} *Royal Charger 42
                           ch          *Royal Mink 48
                                         ch          *Madeh 41
               Honey Im Lucky 68               {C,S} *Blenheim II 27
                 b                     Free America 45
                                         b           Columbiana 33
                         Come On Honey 56            Dogpatch 39
                           br          Sweet as Honey 51
                                         b           Ariel Show 42

Breeder:  John Franks (FL)

Inbreeding:  *Blenheim II: 5D X 5D        Dosage Profile: 3  1  8  0  0
                                          Dosage Index: 2.00
                                          Center of Distribution: +0.58

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