American Legend Horse Farm
is working in collaboration with Ridgewood Ranch in preserving the rare bloodline of the legendary racehorse Seabiscuit.

"Thank you for the important work you do maintaining the Biscuit line."

Col. Michael Howard- Great Grandson of Charles Howard


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Ridgewood Ranch
Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation

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New! The Spirit of Seabiscuit by Jani Buron

Inspirational Children’s book, featuring Seabiscuit’s descendant to debut May 22

--Endorsed by best-selling author Laura Hillenbrand—

Authors to conduct a book signing at Seabiscuit’s Legacy Art Exhibition & Benefit Auction
at Champion’s Home, Ridgewood Ranch - Willits, California

May 3, 2010 – Willits, California: Bunny McLeod and Roni McFadden, co-authors of Josephine-A Tale of Hope and Happy Endings will be conducting a book signing at Seabiscuit’s Legacy themed art exhibition and benefit auction on Saturday, May 22, 5-9:30pm.  The book published by “The Biscuit Press” is scheduled to debut at the event. Based on a true story of a Granddaughter of Seabiscuit battles incredible odds, this inspirational children’s book is beautifully illustrated by Sierra Gaston and endorsed by best-selling author Laura Hillenbrand.

The event, in celebration of fine art and the champion racehorse Seabiscuit, is by reservation only.
For ticket information please, contact or call (707)459-2777. All proceeds from the sale of the children’s book go toward two charitable causes:  the new Frank R. Howard Foundation Medical Campus and Wellness Center, and T.R.A.I.L. , a therapeutic riding program located at historic Ridgewood Ranch, home of the legendary racehorse Seabiscuit in Willits, California.

"One of the wondrous surprises in life is discovering that after loss, joy, comfort and abundant love can be found, sometimes in unlikely places.  This beautiful little story explores the resilience of the heart and the love that lies all around us, and demonstrates that even in grief, happy new beginnings await us.  I will not soon forget this book." said Hillenbrand, author of the best-seller  Seabiscuit- An American Legend.

In summary, at just four days of age, Josephine, a great-granddaughter of the famous racehorse, Seabiscuit, loses her mother Lacy.  Josephine’s struggle for survival hinges on her caretakers finding a surrogate mother to nurture her. The touching story, told from the little filly’s perspective, portrays the doubts and uncertainties a young orphan feels as she faces the prospect of going on without the most important individual in her young life, her mother.

“I suppose you could say it is meant for a segment of the population not considered main stream.” said Josphine’s owner, Jacqueline Cooper. “It is meant to provide hope and comfort particularly to those who are experiencing hurt, serious illness or loss. In particular orphans might be able to identify with Josphine's story, overcoming loss, yet experiencing hope and happiness despite of the hurts.” added Cooper.

The story is suitable to be read-out loud to children age 4 and up. “My daughter loved it!” said Terri Podlenski after reading Jospehine’s story to her young daughter Michaela, a horse enthusiast age 6.

Jacqueline Cooper and her husband Tim own, operate American Legend Horse Farm a modest horse breeding farm in Redwood Valley, California. The Lil’Biscuits, as they are called are stabled at Ridgewood and are available for viewing to the public during seasonal walking tours.  ( Specializing in the rare bloodline of Seabiscuit, the couple raised the orphan filly with the help of “Midnight” a nurse mare featured in the children’s book. The beautiful Tennesse Walking  nurse mare was generously provided by Kim and Jack Wright of Wright’s Walkers in Lakeport, California.  

“Their bonding process was extra-ordinary. After some time you could not tell Midnight was not the birth mother, instead they behaved like mother and daughter.”  Galloping the fields of Ridgewood, Josephine mirrored Midnight’s movements perfectly, recalls Cooper.

Josephine, a registered Paint filly (reg. Champs Lil’Biscuit) is the first descendant of Seabiscuit born at the historic Howard mare barn in over 50 years.  She descends from Seabiscuit through her dam, First Class Lacegold, affectionately known as Lacy.

 “I want to be sure to thank the authors Bunny McLeod and Roni McFadden who have so generously donated their time to put Jospehine’s story in book form.” I am also very grateful to my husband Tim for his help with the many late night feedings.” The couple quickly realized, due to the growing filly’s nutritional requirements, she needed Land’O Lakes foal milk replacer in regular intervals. “Josephine, now grown into a beautiful young filly, stills gets excited with the expectation to be fed when she sees us carrying a red bucket to be fed.” added Cooper smiling.

“I would also like to thank Sarah Fields for the hours spent on foal watch, her mother Kyle for the bottomless carafe of coffee and muffins, Tracy and Erin Livingston for their generosity allowing us use of the Howard mare barn and paddocks where Jospehine was born, our trainer Terri Silva for her steadfast support and of course, Kim and Jack Wright for lending us their beloved Midnight.  And, thank you to all the  others without which Josephine’s story would not have been possible.”

About the authors: Bunny McLeod is a seventy year old lady who, although she has written all her life, began her official career as a writer in 2005 at the age of 65, right after graduating with an honors degree in Sociology from New England College in Henniker, NH. She is the co-author of the international best-selling children’s book "Who Says Kids Can’t Fight Global Warming", written with Patrick Harrison, "Christmas in Distress", written with A. L. Niflhaim, and a science fiction book, "Probed by Aliens" written with Van Strickland.  She has also written over seventy books for a Korean publishing company, GlenndomanKorea and is one of the most popular children’s authors in Korea.

Roni McFadden is a mother of four and grandmother of 13 who lives in Willits, California on property that was once part of the Ridgewood Ranch, home of  Seabiscuit, where  Josephine now resides.  She has worked for the equine vets that care for the horses at the ranch for 20 years.  She has been around horses all of her life and will soon publish her story "Sierra Lady" about her teenage years at a pack station in the High Sierras.  She is excited to be a part of this philanthropic project and eager to see the results.

The inspirational children’s book is beautifully illustrated by Sierra Gaston, 19, currently living in Northern California and is a student at Mendocino College.  She loves horses, books, and art and is pursuing a B.A. in illustration/visual media in the near future.  She feels honored to contribute to the legacy of the legendary racehorse, Seabiscuit.

A special thanks to Mendocino County Farm Supply for underwriting the project.

For book orders contact Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation visit or call 707.459.5992.

Ridgewood T.R.A.I.L. Riders Association Ridgewood Ranch, Willits, California
T.R.A.I.L., a nonprofi t 501(c)(3), is a member therapeutic riding program established in 1993 at historic Ridgewood Ranch in Willits, California, home of the legendary racehorse Seabiscuit. The program
provides services to improve the lives of children and adults who are challenged physically, developmentally, emotionally, and socially.

For donor and volunteer opportunities  or to participate in the program, please contact:
Ridgewood T.R.A.I.L. Riders, Assoc.
16200 N. Hwy 101 • Willits, Calif. 95490
Erin Livingston, Program Director • Tel.: (707)391-3873

The Frank R. Howard Foundation
Charles S. Howard, owner of the famed racehorse Seabiscuit, donated funds for a hospital to be built in the rural community of Willits, California, in response to the tragic loss of his son, Frank R. Howard. Young Frank suffered a severe accident in a remote area outside Willits, with no hospital near enough to
save his life. Since 1928, Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital has served the community of Willits and northern Mendocino County with distinction. The Frank R. Howard Foundation is currently raising funds for a new Howard Hospital Campus and Wellness Center in Willits.

The Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization formed to promote the cultural legacy of the Ridgewood Ranch through historic preservation and environmental conservation. To make a contribution or for further information, contact the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation, 16200 North Highway 101, Willits, CA 95490, visit or call 707.459.5992

Media Contact:
Jacqueline Cooper, Executive Director
Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation
16200 North Hwy. 101
Willits, CA 95490
Tel.: 707.459.5992
Cell: 707.972.4541
Fax: 707.459.5969




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